Are there any health precautions to keep in mind?



Accutane Patients: AVOID all waxing while on Accutane and for a minimum of 6-12 months after coming off the medication. Please consult with your dermatologist before proceeding with waxing treatment. Some physicians do not recommend waxing for persons who are suffering from diabetes, who have varicose veins, or poor circulation as they are more susceptible to infection. Facial waxing is not recommended for clients currently using Retin A, Renova, Differin or other types of skin thinning acne medication. Please read the label carefully and consult your dermatologist if you are taking any medication or using any topical cream that contains these medications or stop using these medications at least a week prior to waxing. Individuals do react differently to these medications and sometimes waxing can be done if proper patch testing is completed. Women may experience extra sensitivity up to a week prior to the beginning of their menstrual cycle.

Please be completely honest with your Skin Care Specialist about all allergies and medications you are taking – it is for your protection.

Will waxing make my hair grow back faster? 

No, waxing actually does the opposite. Since we are removing the hair from the root and damaging the hair follicle, it can take longer for hair to grow back or not grow back at all. 



How long does the hair have to be to get waxed?

The hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch or as long as 2 weeks without shaving. Hair should be as long as a grain of rice or sprinkle! 


Can I wax on my period? 

Yes, as long as guest is wearing a tampon there are no issues waxing on your cycle! 


How can I prepare for my first wax? 

Let the hair grow out for at least 2 weeks in advance and exfoliate prior to appointment. 


How far should my appointment be for my next wax? 

Brazilian wax usually are booked between 3-4 weeks from your initial wax. Other services like eyebrows and face usually are booked 2 weeks from the initial wax. 



Why should I wax? 

If you are prone to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and are sick of shaving every 2 days to get rid of that stubble, waxing is for you! Waxing gets rid of these problems and waxing consistently will result in smoother skin and sparse/thinner hair!